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Equine Careers Showcase

The Equine Careers Showcase has been created to help newcomers to the horse world learn about the many career opportunities available in the industry.  

Six categories include:  

  1. Racing
  2. Multi-discipline
  3. Healthcare
  4. Horse Breeding
  5. Marketing, Sales and Communications
  6. Other 

Look up unique roles such as equine photographers, artisans, mounted police officers and education extension specialists.
The healthcare category covers a wide array of roles from massage therapists, veterinarians, vet techs, farriers and nutrition and feed specialists.

The Equine Careers Showcase features everything from entry level jobs as horse grooms all the way up to trainers, stable owners, researchers, high profile riders and more.  Equine Guelph thanks all the contributors who generously donated their time participating in video interviews.  We hope you enjoy learning what makes them get up every morning to pursue their passion for working in the horse industry.

Your future in the equine industry awaits! Click the image below to get started:

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